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Who We Are

Dr. Ramesh Gosavi is the Founder of Fare Skin Solution Shrirampur, India and is a pioneer in the institutional practice of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers in India. As the forerunner in acquiring the latest technology in this field, he is called the “Skin Care Man”. His astute expertise lies in Skin , Hair Problem solutions, Lasers and Laser training, Hair transplantation, liposuction, and Vitiligo, tattoo removal, skin peels and hair growth solutions..

Dr. Ramesh Gosavi is the premier skin and hair specialist in Shirampur & Aurangabad providing an excellent standard of service within a state of the art medical facility. We pride ourselves on the warm and welcoming environment that our clinic provides. We are always available to discuss the treatments that we offer and you will find all of our staff highly knowledgeable and friendly. The clinic is located at Shirampur and Aurangabad; offering you a wide range of scar removal, hair fall, wart removal and birthmark laser treatment services. Our clinic is fully friendly, trained staff that can help to make sure that patients needs are not only met, but truly exceeded.

If you would like to find out more about our clinical, cosmetic or premium dermatology services, treatments, you can schedule a consultation with our expert dermatologists in Shirampur and Aurangabad clinic now.


Our Advantages

qualified consulting

A well-implemented Hospital Information System means readily available patient data to the care providers. It is only a matter of few clicks and all the requisite information about a patient, from various departments in the hospital, can be available on the screen.

SKIN specialists

Skin specialists are as important as SKIN specialists or heart specialists! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and you cannot ignore its health. Rashes, infections, scars, burns, etc.,

skin specialist

special attention and that’s where a skin specialist can help you. Cosmetic products will not always help you and you cannot depend on your own knowledge for treatment!

Skin consulting

skin problems, it is always advisable to consult an expert instead of seeking advice from your friends, colleagues or relatives.

Dermatologist and skin specialist

A skin care expert can prescribe effective prescriptions, treatments, procedures or preventions for your own benefit. A scheduled consultation can give you the required outcome.




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